nursery school


Los Niños Nursery School opened its doors on Monday October 7, 1974. It was founded by two teacher friends, Judy O’Leary and Tom Whiting.


Judy had been teaching for 8 years in an elementary school in Daly City and Tom was newly credentialed in Early Childhood Education.  Judy wanted to start her own school and Tom, a single father, wanted to be able to bring his young son to work.  Together, Judy and Tom worked to convert a house into a school. They created a curriculum, built fences and play structures.


Their first students were Tootsy, Emma and Lon. Word spread fast and the school grew quickly. Like many graduates, Emma recently returned  to Los Niños with her own son Tristan. Since it’s opening, more than 2000 children have graduated from Los Niños.  Both Judy and Tom have had a ball.


Judy retired after twenty years. She and Tom are still close friends, she still does the books and visits several times a year.


Tom has rebuilt the play structures as needed, fine tuned the curriculum, and made improvements along the way. However, the basic working philosophy was well established from the beginning and hasn’t changed. Just as young children and their needs have not changed over all of these years, Los Niños has stayed true to it's original goal,  providing child-centric education for children of the coastside.


20 Kelly Ave, Half Moon Bay, CA  (650) 726-6264