nursery school


Q. Where can I get the answers to nearly all of my questions?

A. Right here, on the web site, or email us: mail@losninosschool.com  or call us: 726-6264.

Q. When do children start? Is there a deposit required? Is there a waiting list?

A. If your child is three you may start now. There is no deposit required. We don't have a waiting list but we do have an interested list.

Q. What is the ratio of teachers to children?

A. No less than 1 to 7.

Q. What are the rules and how do you enforce them?

A. Our rules are straightforward and simple... things like: "walk in the school", "keep the sand in the sandbox", "be kind to others", etc. All of the teachers know and apply the rules fairly and even the children expect appropriate behaviors from their peers. The school is designed for positive outcomes.

Q. May I stay with my child?

A. Many children need a little support at the beginning and you are welcome to stay here as long as necessary... have some coffee, read the paper. We will both know when it is time, in the best interest of your child, to leave.

Q. Do you take field trips?

A. TTh we take short walks from time to time, but we don't want our little ones to become anxious. With our MWF programs we visit the beach and neighborhood periodically and in the summer we have an extensive field trip schedule.

Q. Do you have Emergency Procedures?

A. Yes... the State (and good judgement) requires Emergency drills, preparedness and current staff CPR training. We also have Fire Drills utilizing our Fire Alarm System.

Q. Are you licensed by the State?

A. Yes, our Community Care Licensing Facility Number, since 1974, is: 410409515. We have an Indoor Capacity of 23 children per session.

Q. Do you have a Summer Program?

A. We are open all year, except the month of August.

Q. Snacks?

A. We provide snacks, but parents are welcome to bring wholesome snacks to any session. There is a sign-up sheet in the entry.

Q. What about Kindergarten?

A. We are confident in and support the transition to our local public schools. But we also provide information and discussion about alternatives.


20 Kelly Ave, Half Moon Bay, CA  (650) 726-6264